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Tuesday, 27 January 2009 15:33


  • Eric The Midget Actor Visits. 11/03/08. 7:50am
    After the break we heard a prank call the guys had Evil Dave make to Mark Harris. Howard came back after that and said that they had their viewing gallery in place. Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks was there.

    Howard said that she flew in from L.A. just to view Eric. Natalie laughed when she heard that. She said that she flew in yesterday afternoon. Natalie said she was very excited about this. She had a Halloween party on Friday night and Michael Jackson showed up to the party. She said that a friend of hers brought him over. She said people thought it was someone in a Michael Jackson costume. He even brought his kids with him to the party.

    Natalie said she was introduced to Michael but not to his kids. She said that his son is the most well adjusted kid. Howard asked if she calls him by his name ''Prince Michael Jackson.'' She said she dint' know what she referred to him as.

    Natalie said that everyone was concerned about the way Michael was treated. She said that she heard that Michael found the way to the living room and watched the kids in the back yard. Howard asked if he was very focused on the kids. She said it wasn't like that.

    Howard asked if Michael acted bizarre at the party. Natalie said that he was bizarre but also very sweet. She had to go greet him at his car. Howard said that if she had to work that hard she should have told him not to come. Natalie said he wouldn't even recognize her if he ran into her tomorrow. She said that he had never even heard of her before that.

    Howard asked if Michael hung out and spoke to any adults there. Howard said he had a business meeting with him one time and the guy barely spoke.

    Natalie said that she thinks that Michael is stuck in time as a child. Howard said ''join the club.'' Natalie said he's got lots of handlers and she figured that if he wanted to blend in with people, this party was the perfect time for it. She said that he didn't really blend in though, he just came as himself.

    Natalie said that Michael walked past the DJ booth and the DJ started to play ''Thriller'' not knowing that it was really Michael Jackson.

    Natalie said that the woman who brought Michael to the party was Gregory Peck's widow Veronique. Howard said she should bring him to this show too.

    Natalie said that Michael could be normal if he just spoke to people. People would forget if he didn't make a whole production about the visit. She said that his kids were sweet and no one knew who they were so it was good for them. Natalie said her son is a huge fan of Michael Jackson's. Howard said that maybe he'll have a sleep over then. Natalie said maybe that will happen. Natalie said she didn't introduce her son to Michael though.

    Howard did an impression of Michael and goofed on him a little bit. Artie was goofing on him to and offering Natalie 10 million to let him bring her son up to his room and things like that.

    Artie said that Natalie gets to see Eric the Midget and Michael Jackson both within 72 hours so that's pretty wild. Natalie said it's going to be the greatest Halloween ever.

    Howard asked Natalie why she wanted to come in and meet Eric. Natalie said that she just wants to know if anything makes him laugh and she'd love to see him tickled. Howard said he'd let her tickle him. She said she wouldn't' do it herself.

    Howard introduced Kristin Massy who was a superfan of Eric's and wanted to come in and meet him. She said that she loves all of his segments on the air and loves his attitude. They also had Adam from who is there to has been following Eric's saga over the years. He said it's a momentous occasion and he hopes to be able to put something together for the site.

    Howard said that Kevin from Real Doll is there to measure up Eric for the doll they're going to make of Eric. Howard said that Kevin doesn't work there at the Real Doll place but he's there to take the measurements. Kevin said that they have to measure his head right down to the width of his fingers.

    Howard moved on and had Eric come in after that. He was coming in with two women from the Bunny Ranch who had sex with him last night.

    Howard and Robin both sounded surprised when they saw Eric actually coming into the studio. Robin said she doesn't think he gets tickled much.

    Eric said good morning to Howard and Howard talked about the girls who were there from the Bunny Ranch. They were Cherry and Haley. Howard asked Eric how that went. Eric said that he was just going to say that hanging out with them was fun. He said that everyone in there is out of his personal business. He said he's cutting them off. Artie said ''Bye Eric!'' when he heard that.

    Howard asked Eric why he's cutting them out of his personal life. Eric asked if they remember January and February. No one remembered anything about those months.

    Howard asked Eric if it was cool to meet him. Eric said it was pretty cool to be there. Howard asked him when he got into town. Eric said he got in about 9:30 last night. Howard said he heard that Eric almost didn't make it in this morning because the girls kept him up.

    Eric said they were up until about 2 in the morning. Howard said he must have been burnt out. Eric said that's what it was.

    Howard asked the girls if they comped Eric for this. They said that they can't be hookers out there in New York so they couldn't get paid.

    Howard asked the girls what they did for Eric last night. The girls said that they had dinner in the room, of course, and then they got naked and got started with him. They wheeled him down to their room and treated him like a piece of meat. One of the girls said she picked Eric up and carried him to the bed. Robin said Eric smiled when he heard that.

    Howard asked Eric if he likes being by the girl's boobs. Eric said it was fun. Howard asked the girls if they were wasted. They said they weren't.

    Howard asked who did what to whom. He wanted every detail. The girls said they both worked on Eric. One of the girls said she took his pants off and he was ready to go as soon as they did that. Howard said Eric still works down there.

    Howard asked Eric if he had a boner down there right now. Eric said he didn't and he just had his hand down there to keep it out of the way.

    Howard asked the girls what happened next. The girls said that one of them was in the bathroom while the other one got started. Eric said he knew he was in for a good time when that started to happen. The girls kissed him and gave him some oral sex. They said that Eric likes tits and he likes to lick and suck them. They said he was kind of timid though.

    Howard asked Eric if he went down on them. Eric said he didn't. Howard figured he didn't have to. Eric said that they did lick his balls.

    Howard asked how many loads he dropped. Eric said he wasn't sure but the girls said it was just one. They're going to have round 2 tonight. Howard said that's surprising and Eric must be addicted to the Bunny Ranch. He said he's heard that he's been calling them a lot over there. Eric said he doesn't call them that much.

    Howard asked the girls if they put the rubber on themselves. They said that they do that for him. Then they had Eric on his back and they took turns doing him. The girls said that he doesn't cum as quick as you'd think he would.

    The girls said that Cherry was the one who fucked Eric. She said that she didn't have an orgasm with him but she gave one to herself. Eric was playing with her clitoris though. Eric said he thinks he learned that from watching porn. Howard said it sounds like Eric had a great time.

    Robin asked Eric why he threatened to kick them out of his personal life. Eric said it was because they ended a relationship he had back in January and February because of the show. Howard said that he had that relationship because of the show and he can't blame them for making him lose it.

    Howard asked Eric if he's in love with Cherry and Haley. Eric said he's not sure and he's not sure if he could fall in love with them.

    Howard said he had some surprises for Eric today. Howard asked Natalie what she thinks about all of this. Natalie said that it's great to hear all of this. She asked Eric if he would go to dinner with her instead of having the girls tonight. Eric didn't get a chance to answer.


  • Very Special Guests Meet Eric The Midget Speechless Actor. 11/03/08. 8:15am
    Howard told Eric they were going to have this guy Kevin measure him for the Real Doll. Eric said that he's not going to get near him. Eric said he doesn't want this fuckin' doll made, period. Howard said it's a great honor to have it made. Eric didn't agree. Kevin told Eric that most people would look at it as a great honor. He said that they're going to make a prototype of the doll and millions of people could have sex with him once they make it.

    Howard asked Eric if he'd let him measure his head and his height. Eric said no to that. Kevin said that he's going to size him up just from looking at him.

    Artie said he can't wait to fuck Eric's face. He said that he wants to fuck the mouth on it so he hopes it's soft. Kevin said they'll have a 2 input doll and the mouth is one of the two. Natalie asked if she could measure him. Eric sounded like he was going to say yes to that but then said ''No.''

    Natalie asked if Eric is going to get a commission on the Real Doll. Kevin said he'd have to talk to the Real Doll people about that but he thinks they could work something out. He said they can make the dolls custom and make detachable ears and stuff.

    Howard said that Adam from Newsday wanted to say something. Adam said that he wanted to see a little proof that the girls did something with Eric. Howard asked the girls if the wanted to show off what they do. They went in and kissed him. One of the girls had a tattoo on her and she claimed it was Eric at first, then she said it was Biggie Smalls and then said it was her boyfriend.

    The girls took off their clothes and started kissing Eric some more. Howard said it looked like the real deal to him. He said that he's a real man now. He asked if his parents are still giving him a hard time about this. Eric said his parents are upset and they're publicizing it. He said that they're threatening to kick him and his room mate out of his house that they're in now. He said they might make him move back up to their lake house.

    Howard said that they have a special guest coming in next. He asked Eric if he has any guesses for who it might be. Eric said he knows that Kurt Angle was one of the guys. Howard that Kurt is one of the guys but he's brought someone in with him.

    Eric guessed it was Kelly Clarkson. It turns out that it was actually High Pitch Eric playing Kelly Clarkson. Eric said that it wasn't Kelly, it was ''High Pitch Idiot.'' High Pitch sang a song to him about his stinky twat. Eric told High Pitch to get away from him. High Pitch asked ''Who's High Pitch?''

    Gary said that Eric stunk up the hallway really bad this morning. Howard told Gary to get him out of there then.

    Howard asked Eric who else he would like to see there. Eric asked if it was Brandy Talore. Wrong. Eric asked if it was Katherine McPhee. Wrong again. Howard asked Eric who he calls 900 times a day looking for her trying to get in touch with her. Eric's face lit up when Howard brought that up. He figured it was Diana Degarmo. Eric said that would be good if they brought her in so Howard asked if they could make the Real Doll if they brought her in right then. Eric said he would like to meet her outside of there. Howard told her this is his shot, take it or leave it. Eric then said that he would do it if she came in.

    Howard then introduced Diana Degarmo and had her come in and say hello to Eric. She and Eric have met before so they said hi again.

    Howard asked Diana what it was like when Eric was calling her mother all the time and trying to get in touch with her. She said that they actually got to meet out in California and people ask her about it all the time. She said she loves that she's famous on the show now thanks to Eric.

    Howard said he told Eric not to come on so strong with Diana but he insisted on calling her. He said that he thinks that Eric had fantasies about becoming friends with her and he came on a little too strong. Diana said that calling her mother's house was interesting. She said that her phone is no longer connected thanks to that. She said she changed her number.

    Diana said that her mother gets a lot of calls from fans so she's used to it. Howard said it must have been a little unnerving to have someone she never met before calling her so much. Diana said that it was kind of strange to have someone she's never met so interested in her.

    Howard said that Eric is a little shy and he was going to speak for him. He said that he was a huge fan of hers and maybe she would like to go out to dinner with him or something. Howard said he would let Eric say it himself if he wanted to. Eric was at a loss for words. He eventually said that it was great to be able to meet her those two times in California and he's hoping that they can continue to meet with each other. Diana said that she would like to meet with him at the shows and stuff.

    Robin wanted Eric to say what he really hopes will happen. Howard said that Eric is looking for more than just hanging out at her shows. Howard and Robin said that Eric thinks that she'd fall for him if he got to hang with her more. Eric was at a loss for words again and didn't know what to say. Artie told Eric that he had a better chance of fucking Ruben Studdard.

    Howard asked Diana if Eric had any shot at becoming Mrs. Diana Degarmo. She said that's possible but her boyfriend might be a little upset about that. She said that he's not a little person either, he's big. Diana said the timing is just bad for them.

    Howard asked if Eric can come out and see shows. She said that's definitely possible because he's been a great fan. Howard said he could see the disappointment in Eric's face. Luckily he has the whores from the Bunny Ranch to keep him happy. Howard asked Diana to put in a good word with Kelly Clarkson for Eric. She said she would do that.

    Howard asked Diana about being on this TNA special that's coming up. She's going to be on the show but she said it's a big secret that she can't talk about at this point.

    Howard had Kurt Angle come in next. Kurt was there to promote the TNA thing. Kurt had never met Eric but Eric said that he had seen Kurt at a few wrestling events. Kurt and Eric said their hellos and then Howard asked Kurt some questions about wrestling.

    Howard asked Kurt about working for TNA and why he can't get into Ultimate Fighting and stuff. Kurt said that he decided to go off on his own and do the TNA thing instead of the WWE. Kurt said that they were overworking him there at the WWE. Kurt said it's been a growing experience and he can't be any happier than he is now.

    Kurt had a cut on his nose so Robin pointed that out. Kurt said that he's always in fights. He said that he's been fighting for a long time now. He's also recently single. Kurt said he has a crush on Robin and wanted to ask her out.

    Howard said he thought that Diana was a virgin. Diana said that she could still be one, they'll never know. Robin said Diana looks like she's experienced life and she's not one. Howard asked her about being on American Idol, season 3, and what that was like. Diana said that she had a love / HATE relationship with Simon Cowell.

    Diana said that they made her watch all of the old episodes over again recently and it was really tough to watch. Howard said that Eric was so near her private area that he was blushing. Howard said that he must be fantasizing about that. Howard asked Eric if he was. Eric didn't have anything to say. He let out a little grunt but that was it.

    Howard told Eric this is his last chance to hook up with Diana. Kurt told him to do it now or he'll regret it for the rest of his life. Eric said she's not single so it's pointless. Kurt told her it doesn't matter and he just has to have the balls to ask her. He said it's his one chance.

    Kurt said he heard about that call that Eric made where he said ''You know what to do..'' so he was going to make him an honorary member of his TNA Main Event Mafia thing. Kurt told Eric he just has to go for it right now and ask Diana. Kurt said he has to go for the P.

    Howard asked Eric if he wanted to say anything to Diana right now. Eric didn't have anything to say to Diana since she's not single.

    Howard gave Kurt some plugs for his TNA special that's going to be on Spike TV. He went on to ask him about leaving the WWE. Kurt said that he was on a ton of pain killers because he broke his neck 4 times. He said he got addicted and asked if he could go to rehab and they didn't want to let him go. He said that he had to quit after that.

    Kurt said that he doesn't look at Vince McMahon like a father figure anymore. He said he used to but now he looks at him like a businessman. He said that Vince didn't want him to go to rehab and that didn't work for him.

    Kurt said that the injuries that you get in the WWE are even worse than what you get in the MMA. Howard asked what happened between him and his wife. Kurt said that he got her a job at TNA and they grew apart after that.

    Howard asked Eric if he was lucky enough to marry Diana Degarmo, would they ever grow apart. Eric didn't say anything. He was still speechless. Kurt said he could hook up his ex-wife with Eric.

    Artie asked Eric if he would make Diana take his last name and make her ''Diana the Midget.'' Eric said that's not his last name.

    Howard asked Eric if he wanted to say anything to Diana before she leaves. Natalie said ''Diana do you want to measure me?'' right before Eric asked her out. Eric asked her if she would go to dinner with him in California the next time she's out there. Diana said that she'd have to think about that. She said that she will hit him up on Myspace the next time she's going to be out there. Kurt said that it sounds like she's giving him the big blow off. Diana said that she was going to kick Kurt's butt. Kurt told Eric he can fuck him and he'll have the best night of his life. Eric said ''no thanks'' to that.

    Howard asked Eric if he would take him up on that offer. Eric said that he's a guy so he won't be taking him up on that.

    Howard thanked Natalie for coming in and asked her if she was satisfied that she got to meet Eric. She said that she has days worth of questions for Eric. She asked Eric how long he was with the girls last night. The girls said it was about 2 hours. They were doing a lot of kissing and touching and stuff. Natalie said that it was interesting how he didn't know how many times he orgasmed. She said that she remembers how many she has every time she has sex.

    Howard gave the girls from the Bunny Ranch a plug for the show they have on HBO called Cathouse. Eric said that they did a commentary show at about that. Howard gave Kurt and Diana plugs for the TNA thing too.

    Howard said you can find out more at or

    Howard asked Eric if he wanted to say anything to the people who came to visit. Eric said that he wanted to thank Kurt and Diana to come down. He wasn't mentioning Howard so Howard had to prod him into thanking him.

    Kevin asked Eric if he would let them add on a bunch of inputs into his body so more people could fuck his doll. Eric didn't answer that. Kevin also asked if they could measure his head before he left. Kurt asked which head that was. Kevin said that it was his cranium.

    Howard asked if the girls could measure Eric's cock tonight. The girls said that it was over 5 inches. They said they remembered that from last night. Howard thanked everyone for coming in again. He asked Eric if he wanted to fly with balloons before he left. Eric said he didn't want to do that. Howard said he thinks that love could blossom from this whole thing between Eric and Diana. They ended the interview a short time later and went to break.

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